Exam for Security Assessments

Safety is first and foremost in every parent’s mind. We want our children to feel safe wherever they are. Emergency preparedness and being equipped with the latest technologies in safety and communication are just as important as a challenging curriculum and high quality teachers. It’s imperative that every school establishes safety measures and practice and promotes these measures throughout their facilities. Click here, call 703-OUTCOME or email us at info @exam4enterprise.com to schedule a demo.

In addition to providing the software as a service our team can provide you with a turnkey solution. Providing you with a detailed understanding of your security and readiness at each of your facilities.


ExAM is helping Virginia schools understand their security posture

Our Extensible Assessment Manager (ExAM) was created specifically to meet the unique security needs facing our school systems today. Our app was developed to meet the needs of organizations like the Department of Interior’s (DOI) Indian Country Schools’ physical security inspectors so they could conduct physical security assessments on measures such as effective use of architecture, landscaping, perimeter, parking, facility access control/interior, physical barriers, access control, and lighting to achieve improved security by deterring, disrupting or mitigating potential threats. This assessment is built to meet real educational requirements for facilities safety and the approach has been used to assess more than 200 schools in 23 states, and reduce the total cost to perform security assess individual facilities by greater than 30% while requiring no additional investment into hardware, software and complex systems. You can simply buy the assessment service the same way people use Gmail, iTunes, social media or iPhone apps. This complex requirement can be met by ExAM because Salesforce.com, one of the world’s fastest growing fortune 500 companies, is also one of the most secure, built to handle federal security requirements.

The following briefly highlights the major capabilities of ExAM:

  • Includes relevant data regarding physical security standards and governance
  • Tailored to provide an easy to use interface for the user community
  • Mobile ready
  • Extensible library enabling development of comprehensive security information
  • Fully developed help manual (print or online) includes coverage of every question asked on the survey as well as information on all of the survey related features and tools
  • Innovative dashboards and analysis tools that enable management to understand survey progress and to ensure compliance with standards and requirements
  • Core set of reports to facilitate understanding and analysis of data being gathered.
  • The full set of Salesforce capabilities detailed below

You and your personnel securely on a mobile device or via a web browser can access this low cost application. With more than 200 out of the box security questions covering everything from key personnel contacts to CCTV, ExAM is able to help you immediately begin to better understand the physical security posture of your organization. In addition, ExAM is customizable and ready to meet any upcoming government requirements regarding physical security assessments.

ExAM4Schools.com provides a uniquely comprehensive look into the factors that comprise overall school security. This online security assessment is similar to programs like automated tax programs in that it enables you to get the power of subject matter expertise with the power and convenience of the web. Want to have a an expert onsite? Schedule an assessment and we can connect you with one of our partners to have an expert administer the ExAM.