The Dashboards tab allows you many different options for analytic components. I can come in and create new reports and new dashboards very easily. Dashboards can be structured to meet your specific requirements. For this example we are going to show three types of data that can help school districts quickly assess what changes can be made to their physical security to improve their students learning environment.

The Assessment Completion Dashboard allows you to quickly and easily tell how many of your assessments have been completed by the school superintendents, and therefor how complete your current analytics are at this point in time.

The Assessment Analytics Dashboard shows you which physical security elements need improvement nationwide. For example, here we can see that while most schools have an adequate Emergency Response Plan in place, the majority of schools lack a sufficient perimeter to keep intruders out.  We can also quickly assess how an individual school is doing on any specific metric as compared to the other schools in their region.

The Crime Dashboard shows National crime incidents in areas surrounding our schools. By comparing the data in this Dashboard with the data in the Assessment Analytics Dashboard we can easily prioritize which schools are put in the most risk by inadequate physical security measures. You can see what types of crime are most prevalent nationally and in specific schools.