School Security

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We launched to make schools safer and more secure by evaluating their environment and giving them tools to prioritize actions and decisions related to the safety of their students. This summer we are partnering with non-profits focused on children, education and safety in order to develop a charitable giving campaign. We believe that like coffee in the morning safety and security in schools is something that needs to happen every day not just as part of an annual assessment. To find out how you can help mail us at info at exam4schools dot com.

We’ve created the Summer of Safety campaign to provide security assessments to schools across the country using our tool. We’ve used our approach in 23 states including in Virginia for the Loudoun County Public Schools District. Our data-driven approach to improving school safety and security, combined with the collaboration, workflows, and analysis is built on a platform and leverages data to help school officials understand their environment.   We think this understanding is central to continual improvement in our schools and in our education system.

I have three kids and I think I speak for every parent when I say that we want our children to learn their ABCs, but – first and foremost – we want them to be safe. This summer, we intend to work with corporate sponsors to bring safety and security to the forefront by helping the schools in our nation’s capital become more secure and safer places.  We want to help change the statistics; did you know that fewer than 60 percent of D.C. high school students graduated on time in 2011 according to a recent Washington Post article?

We want to help create a more conducive learning environment for schools across the nation by matching them with corporate donors. Those donors can provide the funds necessary for these schools to leverage our technology.  Specifically, for each school sponsored by a donor, our company will donate our security assessment product and will donate their revenues from the app sales to your charitable partner. We are working with organizations like 826, which promote reading, writing and creativity in schools across the nation, but are also interested in working with charitable causes you believe in.  For the charities, the benefit is immediate and ongoing because 25% of the sales price goes directly to the charity each year the schools stay in the program. If you want to understand why this is so important check out our infographic on the subject below. To download this infographic click here.

School Security