I’ve seen a lot in the news recently about crime in school. Naturally, everyone is thinking about how to change that right now.

One of the scary statistics I’ve read recently comes from the National Crime Victimization Survey,  it shows that more victimization occurred in school than outside of school.

Schools are supposed to be a sanctuary. If you go down main street America this is supposed to be a place where kids are safe. It’s the place where kids spend more time outside than any other place.

As you go from school to school, whether that’s a elementary school, middle school or high school, you want kids to feel safe. As a parent, I know the feeling of wanting your kids to be safe. The fact is, that if they don’t feel safe and if they aren’t safe we probably aren’t creating the best learning environment.

When you look at the statistics around violence, theft and other victimizations on school grounds you can see that we have a long way to go before we are where we want to be as a country. There are a lot of administrators, parents and teachers that are focused on changing that. They are focused on figuring out how to deliver a safe learning environment. Because if we want to have a bright future for our kids and for this generation to meet the challenges of tomorrow we have to protect their learning environments.

Superintendents in any school district or state anywhere in America are working with security staff to try to protect that learning environment. One of the foundational elements of enabling learning is the safety of the students while they are learning

It’s our belief that this starts with information. In order to make schools safe we need to know what is being done to protect them. We need to understand the environment that each school exists in as well as the specific safety and security measures that are in place at each school.

We want to have an ExAM pro go to every school in America, iPad in hand, and assess the status of every school across the major factors that influence the safety and security of each school.  This means Internal factors, external factors, general and administrative factors and security and safety planning. Upon completion of each assessment this information is immediately fed into ExAM and becomes available to administrative and security personnel on site.This enables them to understand the learning environment at each specific school and across all of the different schools in their county, district, or state so that we can make a difference in our children’s tomorrow.

We want to develop an environment where assessment information is available so that we can be an agent for change.

So give us a call, let’s change these statistics.